voices of hartford

Who we are  |  why we sing

why we sing

At our core, we do what we do because we believe young BIPOC musicians deserve an opportunity to make music, learn different styles of singing, and to feel the joy that comes with making music with friends. For a more in-depth explanation, take a look at our Vision, Mission, and Values:

Voices of Hartford’s Vision

A world where people of color have access to and are fully represented in the arts as leaders, performers, and creators.

    Voices of Hartford’s Mission:

    To empower young people of color to realize their full potential as artists, scholars, citizens, and individuals by providing them with a safe choral community where they can:

    • express themselves artistically and achieve excellence as choral artists;
    • receive the education and experience they need to realize their goals;
    • participate as responsible members of a healthy, supportive community; and
    • learn to lead their lives with confidence, integrity, and compassion.

    Voices of Hartford’s Values:

    Show up; commit to the ensemble; hear and respect each other; support your community; and abide by your own moral compass.